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Old 05-05-2018, 08:41 PM
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Default Serverwide ToV Crawl -- Info located here.

Hey guys!

As promised, I and several others will be leading a serverwide ToV crawl. This will include all mobs in Temple of Veeshan and will be done on the next Earthquake, depending on the time of it. If it happens between 12am and 12pm, it will most likey be done the same day. If it happens between 12pm and 12am it will most likely be done the following day.

All are welcome to come but must be level 60. Our ideal start time will be 1pm EST.

There are a few ground rules and things that we would like everyone attending to respect. This is something that is meant to be fun for everyone and the last thing myself and other leaders of this raid want to do is play police officer.

*All loot will be randomed. Different numbers for different items. I will be using a log parser (Gamparse) to see who wins since there will be a lot of rolls.

*You may only win loot on the character you bring and you may only win one piece of loot. There is virtually no way for this to be policed so it will be an "on your honor thing". You must be able to use the item to win it.

*Being that there may be a lot of attendees, the raid may split. This means all loot will be done in shout. The leader of each split raid will communicate with the others to see who the highest roll is but you may roll on any piece of loot no matter which raid you are a part of.

Old 05-23-2018, 07:15 PM
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This event will begin at 1pm EST on Thursday, May 24th. I will not be there until after 3pm.
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