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Old 03-21-2019, 09:36 PM
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Default @Rogean @Nilbog @Staff re Raid Rules

A “competitive” server is only truly competitive when the playing field is level. Absent enforcement (or with sporadic/capricious enforcement), those who choose to push the envelope of the ruleset are rewarded. Those who choose to self-regulate are penalized. Period. You don’t win many races against guys who pee hot.

Currently, there are petitions in the queue that have not been addressed for months. Nobody’s available to answer questions re rules clarifications. The last public enforcement occurred in September of last year (more than six months ago). And we haven’t seen much staff presence at all since the beginning of December of last year.

To make this “competitive” server legitimately competitive (that seems to be what you want), please do one of two things:

1. Provide consistent, predictable enforcement
2. Get rid of the Raid Rules – let DPS decide

If you choose to provide enforcement, I suggest four things:

1. Come up with a simple ruleset that you can enforce with whatever resources that you have.
(You don't have the luxury of seven officials plus a replay guy - watching every encounter - like the NFL does. - Figure out what you have to enforce with - and create your rules to match your enforcement resources.) I can think of several log queries that might be useful to automate some bits of enforcement (just as an example). But the rules as they are written are convoluted, vague, and overly-complicated – and absolutely meaningless without enforcement (and clarification, when requested).

2. Us tattling on each other is a pretty bad way to enforce your rules.
(Fraps or it didn't happen is bankrupt. And even the NFL doesn't get multi-angled replay right all the time – and they film every play (encounter).)

3. If you're going to rely on self-regulation as a cornerstone (or even an element) of your ruleset, get rid of those (individuals and guilds) who perpetually cannot self-regulate – instead of rewarding them.

4. Provide a way for questions to be answered quickly re rule interpretation. Then codify, in public, that interpretation (i.e. modify the ruleset).

Staffing an all-volunteer enterprise is tough. I get that. But if you cannot staff enforcement – or can only staff it minimally – either simplify the Raid Rules and automate enforcement (as much as you can), or just get rid of Raid Rules and call it DPS > all -- FFA CSR-free. That would at least level the playing field.

I don’t care what the rules are. Or even if there are none. Your box. Your call. I can choose to log in or not. What I do care about is that if you post rules – and expect me and my guild to live by them – that you hold everyone on the box to the same standard. Whatever that standard is. If you don’t have the resources to do that, make the standards match the resources – and then apply the standards consistently. If you have no resources, abandon the standards and say it out loud.

As it is, those who are loose with the standards – without consequence – will be (in the main) better rewarded than those who comply with the standards on their own accord. That’s not “competition”. That’s a server that will only retain those raiders who are willing to juice to win. I don’t think that’s what you have in mind for the project.

Note to preempt stupid responses from other players: I did NOT say that those who win here always cheat – tho there’s a long history of that. I did say that if you WANT to win here, cheat or up your cheating game and do it better than your competition – and do it with impunity in the current climate.

In other words, if you’re not ignoring the rules now, someone who will is gonna beat you soon.

Cloki - Lead Hippie, OMNI
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