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Default Lay Hands & Harm Touch, Chance To Fizzle / Be Interrupted

Both Lay Hands and Harm Touch had a rare chance of fizzling and being interrupted at least until late July/early August 2000, though there is mention of both occurring throughout the classic timeline and beyond. Additionally, there is mention of rogue poisons and buff procs having a chance of being interrupted, specifically due to movement. Uncertain as to whether this is currently implemented but, from personal experience and memory, neither fizzle nor interrupt have occurred for Lay Hands or Harm Touch. Searching the forums also offers no posts or threads on the topic.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000
Next Patch
[4 Comments] Print This Article! - Aurum @ 9:01 PM PDT
Some cool changes were announced in the following post Gordon made today on the Gameplay Board:

Hello all,

The next patch will include some changes that a number of people should find interesting. Harm Touch, Lay on Hands, and Poison will no longer be interruptable.

No mention of these changes below, or in subsequent patches that year.

July 26, 2000 12:00 pm

*Chat and Login*

Today's patch contains some new features for the EverQuest chat and
login servers. In addition, it enables support for some international
keyboard layouts.

- Tab again switches between fields in login and registration.
- #time will display a time/date stamp.
- #reply will send a private message to the last person to message you.
- Tab will cycle through the last few people to send you a private
- Rooms may now be closed by staff members. These rooms are in gray,
and no one will be able to enter them until a staff member opens them.
Attempting to enter a closed room will display a message.
- EverQuest, including Chat and Login, now supports some international
keyboard layouts. Information can be found at

- The EverQuest Team

.................................................. ...................

August 1, 2000

Greetings everyone!

Today's patch contains some changes that we are sure everyone will

- Canned emotes (e.g. /point) now work on NPCs. In addition, the range
for canned emotes has been increased.
- /who all "guildname" should now work for players who have /roleplay
turned on.
- Preferences for the mouselook will be saved in your options file.
Those who turn mouselook off each time when starting EQ will only have
to do it once more.
- The "Chat Filter" tab in "Options" now has an option to filter
messages caused by damage shields hitting others.

*Fast Drop*

Our most exciting change today is an option that allows players to
avoid accidentally dropping items on the ground. The new client allows
players to set "Item Dropping" preferences on the "General" options
tab. The three options that can be set are:

- FAST DROP: Items are dropped without confirmation.
- CONFIRM: A confirmation box will be displayed whenever you try to
drop an item.
- NEVER: You are not allowed to drop items on the ground.

Alternatively, you can also set these options using the /fastdrop
command. The arguments are:

- ON: Same as option "Fast Drop" on the General Tab.
- OFF: Same as option "Confirm" on the General Tab.
- NEVER: Same as above.

Please note that whatever your setting, coin will always be dropped
without confirmation. Additionally, the FastDrop option only applies to
items being dropped upon the ground. Handing items to NPCs will still
work regardless of your FastDrop setting.

It is highly recommended that you use option "CONFIRM", as GMs will not
reimburse any items that are accidentally dropped.

- The EverQuest Team

06:59:00 Jan 22, 2001

Lay on Hands:

2.2.1 Q – How much HP does Lay on Hands heal? All? Set amount?

A. – Direct quote from Geoffrey Zatkin: “Lay on Hands (Paladin ability, useable once every game day) heals 25 HP per level of the Paladin.” It is not a ‘complete heal’ as described so in the official Everquest strategy guide.

Current thought is that Lay on Hands is nerfed, even after Verant’s so-called ‘upgrade’ of LH on 02/03/2000. Before the upgrade, Lay Hands was not healing near the Level*25 equation as GZ stated. After the upgrade, we are still not at or above the Level*25 equation.

2.2.2 Q - Did Verant ever consider giving Paladins a Full Heal with Lay on Hands?

A. – Direct quote from Geoffrey Zatkin: “No. It was decided very early on (pre Alpha) that giving the Paladin a Full Heal would be too easy to abuse. We didn’t want people making “throwaway” Paladin’s to pop full Heals on their primaries, nor did we want people bringing hordes baby Paladins on Dragon Raids to keep other characters alive. Giving the Paladin a Full Heal would also have taken away from the primary healing class of EverQuest - the Cleric. From an RP standpoint, we decided that it made sense to have the Paladin’s healing abilities increase as her power and faith grew.”

2.2.3 Q – I just tried to Lay on Hands and it didn’t work, how come?

A. – The save-all of Paladins, our Lay on Hands, is not invincible. It has a slight chance of being interrupted in battle. A direct quote from Brad McQuaid: “Lay on Hands has ALWAYS had an extremely unlikely chance of fizzling. There was no change to this.”

Sometimes, when trying to LH others that are extremely low on health, you will also fail. This is because the character may already be dead, but your client receives this information a few milliseconds/seconds later.

2.2.4 Q – How often can I use Lay on Hands?

A. – LH recharges once per game day, or 72 minutes real-time. If you die, whether to a duel or by an NPC, your LH will be up and ready for re-use again.

Submited by: Anonymous On: 2/27/2002 4:01:47 AM Rank: worst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best
Ok, in response to the apperantly very common question, "How does he HT twice"... well, MOBs that can HT more than once isn't that uncommon at all. For example, I've seen the MOB that drops the yak (Ghoul Lord? Forgot the name...) HT three times in one battle (and no, the battle did not last for three EQ days). And in response to the "LH/HT can fizzle"... well, technically you also cast a spell whenever you use a right-click able item... my travellers boots has never fizzled, and I would surely be very surprised the day that happens.
Submited by: Durros On: 9/30/2001 10:16:14 PM Rank: worst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best
To the guy that said Harm Touch and Lay hands are spells.. In a sense you are right, However, You are a moron if you think you can Fizzle. HT and LH are Skills, But when you cast it says "<name here> Begins to cast spell." to other players. I am a lvl 56 Paladin and I have not Fizzled once on my Lay Hands =)
Submited by: Tyler Totman On: 4/14/2001 5:47:07 PM Rank: worst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best
Just an interesting though dor you, Lay Hands for paladins and Harm Touch for SK's are considered spells. This means if you are REALLY unlucky you can fizzle :-) Wouldn't that suck...

The resists are probably like spell resists then but harder.

Amber Order Trading and Discussions
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FYI SplitPaw
From: Hottoq nar'Hallas
Date: 11/15/99
Time: 3:42:40 PM
Remote Name:
SplitPaw (suposedly) is being changed to a much higher level zone, presumably with the next patch. It should now be another mid-30s level zone. All I can say is, THANK GOD. No one ever goes to SplitPaw anyway, and all the higher level zones (Guk, Sol, MM, Cazic) are always way too crowded for their size. =)

On the down side, Paladin's Lay Hands can now fizzle and be interrupted, Necros Life Tap spells are now very resistable, and their pets have fewer hitpoints, and the monk's feign death now brings all the aggroed mobs back on him when he stands up. The Paladin and Necro changes have already occurred on the live servers, and the Monk change is currently on the test server. *sigh* If a class' special ability is deemed better than another class', then why not make the weaker one better, rather than screwing over the more powerful one? IMO, this makes it less fun for everyone.

At least they're expanding the amount of high-level zones. We all have Cazic, Mistmoore, Lower Guk, Solusek B, Kedge, (SplitPaw hopefully), PoF, PoH and now Kithicor (and the Hole when that zone goes live).

May Brell's blessing find ye all at the right time =)

Hottoq nar'Hallas

Last changed: April 06, 2000

19:39:52 Sep 22, 2001

SHD: Harm Touch

Harm Touch is a Shadow Knight's innate ability that wields the
power of evil and inflicts intense damage.
Cast Time is 0, so he can shoot while running, but in rare cases, he may be interrupted if he is
attacked at the wrong time
, such as during a melee. The invocation itself never fails, except for Interrupt. Range is a short distance and can be reached even if it is a little far away. Normally, the resist judgment uses the opponent's SV Magic. If you use Discipline - Unholy Aura, which can be used from Lv.55, his damage will be 1.5x, the resistance judgment will be his SV Disease, and the resistance rate itself will be the same as the Life Tap system. This puts him in near full damage unless he has near-invincible resistance to disease .

Astarin ShadowPrince
08-18-2004, 04:20 PM
Has ANYONE ever heard of having a HT interrupted? I have a guildie that swears that she has interrupted a HT in a duel... and another guildie that swears that her HT was interrupted in the same duel... sounds like some BS to me... anyone EVER heard of this?

Heh had to remove my signature it's a bit outdated.

08-18-2004, 06:57 PM
Insta casts can be interupted. I've had procs interupted. Granted thats only happened 2-3 times in 4+ years, but it has happened. No doubt its possible for HT.

08-18-2004, 07:08 PM
Harm Touch is flagged as Interruptable so it's definitely a possibility of it happening.
08-19-2004, 02:39 AM
yup had it interrupted a few times in 5 years usually only when im being battered from all sides.
Astarin ShadowPrince
08-20-2004, 04:53 AM
hrmm interesting... just seemed odd... cool thanks for the info
08-20-2004, 05:02 AM
That would take some badass timing to interrupt a HT, maybe I'll try it with my bro sometime.

Me: Oops, looks like you missed the interupt bud, oh sorry man, did I just cast SoD and BoH on you? ;p
08-20-2004, 05:47 AM
I've never had one interrupted by being hit or anything. Only had one interrupted in 5+ years and that was while fear kiting. I was moving and hit HT and it didn't fire, though it let me hit it again in about 5 seconds. I've had MC/SoC procs interrupted a few times though.
Klotar AngedeMorts
08-20-2004, 02:18 PM
/nod on self procs being interrupted.

There was a time period (I'd guess somewhere in 2002?) where the interrupts on Scream of Death (lvl 39) were so bad, I went back to Vampiric Embrace from a BE piece -- which for some reason didn't seem to interrupt as often.

Lately I don't think I've had any memorable interrupts on self procs but at one time, though only for a few weeks if I recall, it was really bad.

From: Grant Vanderhule &lt;<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="mailto:vandergm@...">vandergm@...</a>&gt;<br/>\n&gt; <br/>\n&gt; i dont think these are weapon procs.. NO weapon proc has a delay higher than<br/>\n&gt; 0.1 seconds, or it'd be interrupted during normal combat movement. also no<br/>\n&gt; weapon proc has a time delay after using..<br/>\n&gt; <br/>\n<br/>\n </span></blockquote>I get weapon procs interrupted all the time while chasing mobs <br/>\ndown, in particular the vamp embrace proc, but it's happened with<br/>\nDark Reaver as well.<br/>\n<br/>\n<blockquote><span title="ireply"> &gt; by the way, how do you read the .eff files without getting a bunch of<br/>\n&gt; gobblde****? [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]<br/>\n&gt; <br/>\n<br/>\n </span></blockquote>Learn to read in Hexadecimal =) Get a hex editor and do an ascii<br/>\nsearch on Life Leech. I would _not_ change anything in this file<br/>\nhowever. Basically, has everything already tehre,<br/>\nso just read their site for the info.

Submited by: BadKarma On: 11/13/2000 4:49:39 PM Rank: worst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 best
Vampiric Embrace is nice, however its like a cast when it "procs" per se. If you move while it procs, it gets interrupted. That and it only procs when you swing. If you are casting, its like swinging your sword. Have to wait full delay of your weapon before you swing again. The only added bonus is that it adds damage, however it doesn't proc all that much.

Talomyr Valeraine
25th rank ShadowKnight for the Prince of Hate
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2000/07/27  From EQVault . Rog's Poison, Pal's Lay Hand, and Shd's Harm Touch will no longer be interruptible in the next patch. Contains recipes for Quiver
 that can be made in Tailor . Quiver and HQ Cat Pelt can make 6 slot quiver . Diablo 2 and Daikatana were a bit disappointing in Hot Wired's article. I haven't played Daikatana and have no plans to do so, and Dianlo has never played 1 either.
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