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Old 05-15-2022, 08:10 AM
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Default UI SKINS?

I just found an option to load UI skins. I have no idea what this is about, however are there any really good necromancer ones? If so where do I find it?
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Old 07-03-2022, 09:50 AM
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Check out this link, not really Necro specific but I use it on my necro and other characters and love it:
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Old 07-03-2022, 12:36 PM
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It is a way to change the look and/or functionality of your user interface.

It works by typing in the command: /loadskin "skin name" into your command bar. You have to have a corresponding xml fileset with the same name under uifiles folder in your install directory.

I think on green you are locked into velious ui, but on blue you can change it. I believe I am using luclin era ui on a few of my toons velious on others. Obviously on green they are all using velious. I have 3 directories under uifiles folder- default, default-old, velious. I think default-old is just backup I made of original a long time ago so nothing would get written over.

On live before I quit I think I messed with them a bit. I think I was using Duxlias (sp) or something similar. It gave me better access for clickies from inventory iirc and more visible main stats? I would probably have to go to an old hard drive from 2001 to find it again. You have to have UIs that are made to work with this specific client. Since it is very old, you may have a difficult time finding them.

Some of the documents from my install have a copyright of 2002, so my install is from late luclin timeframe? Not quite sure. I have zone files up to and including LDON but have never had any issue playing on P99 servers. I think I originally set it up for Winter's Roar server, then made copies of that setup for Shards of Dalaya and P99, just copying over the specific files each server needed for customization.

Good luck.
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