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Relive the classic Everquest MMORPG Gaming Experience as it was in 1999 and onward. Project 1999 is a free to play Emulated Everquest Server giving Players the opportunity to experience Classic EQ Once again, currently in the Velious expansion and a max level of 60, with the look and feel of the old interface and several modifications making game mechanics similar to how the game used to be. Project 1999 is the best and most popular classic Everquest experience.
To start playing, use our Setup Guide on the left.
Holidays 2018
Dec 22, 2018 - 5:06 PM - by Rogean
A 20% EXP Bonus has been enabled from now until Wednesday, January 2nd.

Happy Holidays.
16 Replies | 3,592 Views
Guide Applications
Nov 26, 2018 - 10:23 PM - by Rogean
Greetings Norrathians.

We will be doing a round of Guide Application review soon. Anyone interested should make a post in the guide application forum. Those of you that already have, please make a reply with any updated information, or reply to verify you are still interested.

0 Replies | 1,628 Views
Thanksgiving 2018
Nov 21, 2018 - 4:55 PM - by Rogean
A 30% EXP Bonus has been enabled throughout the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Eat moar turkey, and then spend all your money shopping.

Enjoy >_>
22 Replies | 3,485 Views
Simulated Respawns 11/1/18 ->
Oct 31, 2018 - 10:46 AM - by nilbog

It has been a little over a year since the simulated respawn system was put into place. I believe this has been a mostly positive change which allows smaller guilds and/or pickup groups access to content similar to what may have occurred in the 1999-2001 timeline due to emergency patches and downtimes. It also brings us more in line with the quantity of raid targets which should have been spawned due to the aforementioned patches.. because we don't have multiple patches per month.

Although the 2 simulated respawns per month worked in theory, late month occurrences led to players camping the timers. Starting in November, the simulated respawn system will work like this:

0-3 Simulated Respawns will occur each month; 1-3 being the normal amount, and 0 existing as a possibility if we cannot do them at all.

I hope this change serves to keep the simulated respawn system alive and random while reducing the desire to camp the timers themselves.

26 Replies | 4,689 Views
Labor Day 2018
Sep 01, 2018 - 12:13 AM - by Rogean
A 25% EXP Bonus has been enabled for Labor Day Weekend.

Have Fun!
12 Replies | 5,237 Views
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