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Default Patch Notes: Sunday, January 31st, 2016

April 2001
  • Field of Bone potions may be crafted and used. (1,5, and 10 dose)
  • The following spells no longer require gem components: Enchant Mithril, Enchant Adamantite, Enchant Steel, Enchant Brellium
  • Components for the following spells have been changed from lapis lazuli to malachite: Minor Summoning: Earth, Minor Summoning: Water, Minor Summoning: Fire, Minor Summoning: Air, Elemental: Earth, Elemental: Water, Elemental: Fire, Elemental: Air
  • Custom Velious helm quests are now active.
  • Monk weight allowance changed: Increases every 15 levels
May 2001
  • The Eye of Zomm series of spells will no longer work in Kedge Keep.
  • Certain quivers now affect bow haste.
  • Rogean: Accounts with characters under level 5 will now be subject to the following chat limits across all public channels:
    • 2 Messages per 10 seconds.
    • Messages must be under 80 characters.
    • Messages must contain 70% Lowercase alphabet.
  • Rogean: All characters are subject to a one message per half-second limitation across all public channels.
  • Haynar: Fixes for SE_Tossup to be more effective.
  • Haynar: Tuned angle of pushback from spells to be more accurate.
  • Haynar: Clients will be hit for max when sitting (again).
  • Haynar: Added next successful forage to get a food or drink item if hungry or thirsty, tied to Apr2001 rule - credit cavedude.
  • Nilbog: Ancient Breath is now magic resistance instead of disease.
  • Nilbog: Sontalak now procs Char and Molten Breath. Previously he would cast Molten Breath on a timer.
  • Nilbog: Skunk Tails and Skunk Eyes no longer drop.
  • Nilbog: 'Skunk Hunting' quest now requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: skeletons of Lesser Faydark now attack orcs.
  • Nilbog: Symbols of Tunare quests are now active.
  • Nilbog: Innoruuk: Hitpoints and procs adjusted.
  • Nilbog: npcs which were on EbonMask faction are now HallofEbonMask. Quest factions involving these have also been changed.
  • Nilbog: Rephas now follows ArcaneScientists.
  • Nilbog: Magi P`tasa may now drop Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth. Mistress of Scorn may now drop Staff of Elemental Mastery: Fire.
  • Nilbog: Little eggs of evil traps in hateplane should now function properly.
  • Nilbog: Haldorak Foamymugs no longer spawns.
  • Nilbog: Shardtooth's loot table corrected.
  • Nilbog: Druid Epic: corrected the event with the dark elf corruptor. Tholris and Fang exist once again.
  • Nilbog: dwarf skeletons of Butcherblock are now indifferent.
  • Nilbog: Nortlav the Scalekeeper and Grynnaf Einoom now spawn on ~march2001 timeline.
  • Nilbog: Fixed an issue with Scepter of the Forlorn, Bloodshrine Necklace, Rod of Malisement, and Wand of Mana Tapping not dropping with correct number of charges.
  • Nilbog: dracoliche once again has an fte message.
  • Nilbog: 'Erudite Prisoners' quest fixed.
  • Nilbog: Added missing drops to Plane of Fear golems.
  • Nilbog: Cloak of Scales is now Iksar only.
  • Nilbog: Cowl of Mortality (and custom cowl) have a Lustrous Russet color instead of black.
  • Nilbog: Greenmist Armor now drops in fearplane. (march2001)
  • Nilbog: 'Honeybugger Assassin' quest now works.
  • Nilbog: Warrens: Howler loot corrected.
  • Nilbog: ice burrowers may now drop silk.
  • Nilbog: Noxhil V`Sek's 'Kerran Fire Beetle Eyes' quest now works. Amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Dozekar is now susceptible to dragon bane spells.
  • Nilbog: 'Fury of Air' spell damage increased to 250.
  • Nilbog: Earring of the Frozen Skull click effect now works.
  • Nilbog: Taskmaster Abyott no longer has faction.
  • Nilbog: Faction hits for Highhold Pass gnolls and orcs have been updated.
  • Telin: All snakes now hiss and strike.
  • Telin: Ambassador Dvinn in Crushbone will now backstab.
  • Telin: Increased Rogue faction for JaggedPineTreeFolk. This will allow Dwarven Rogues to safely travel with Druids.
  • Telin: Proon now has significantly more hit points and hits harder.
  • Telin: Increased damage slightly for Guard Tolus and Guard Reskin.
  • Telin: Guards in Qeynos Hills will now kill all animals.
  • Telin: Mangy rats in Qeynos Hills are now aggressive.
  • Telin: Several mobs in Qeynos Hills, Greater Faydark, Misty Thicket, and Innothule Swamp can now spawn at greater level ranges and can be found on new paths. Many unintentional stationary mobs have been added to new grids.
  • Telin: Guard Leopold will now patrol the entire path to Surefall Glade.
  • Telin: Tovax Vmar will now only spawn at night.
  • Telin: Baobob Miller in Qeynos Hills now occasionally leaves his campfire.
  • Telin: Guards in Qeynos Hills now carry fine steel weapons. They also hit significantly harder and are more likely to resist fire and magic spells.
  • Telin: Talym Shoontar will now be assisted by the guards.
  • Telin: Isabella Cellus in Highkeep can now spawn up to level 42.
  • Telin: Reduced damage done by Osargen.
  • Telin: Increased the amount of platinum carried by Tol Nicelot, and Baobob and Chanda Miller.
  • Telin: Added aggro and/or death emotes to thought destroyer, Mistress of Scorn, Master of Spite, Lord of Ire, Grandmaster R'Tal, High Priest M'Kari, Coercer T'vala, Ashenbone Broodmaster, Hykallen, gnoll scouts, Kindl Lunsight, Salani Tunfar, Qeynos Hills guards, Rathe Lizardmen, Varsoon, Guard Carnita, Guard Fernaldo, Wiltin Windwalker, orcs in East Commonlands and Misty Thicket, and the Greenwhispers/Wintersongs of East Commonlands.
  • Telin: Adjusted faction for the following quests: Rat Ears, Gnasher's Head, Gnoll Slayer, Note for Konem, Taxes, The Gnome Take, Miner's Cap, The Tattered Pouch, Rat Patrol, and The Pirate Ship.
  • Telin: Adjusted faction hits for killing the following: Qeynos Hills guards, Varsoon, Kizdean Gix, orc pawns, a druid, Osargen, Tol Nicelot, Neclo Rhelsar, Purchin Oddsbot, Lashun Novashine, Moodoro Finharn, Guard Carnita, Guard Fernaldo, Dervish Cutthroats, Dorn B'Dynn, Dark Deathsinger, Hadden, Segran Rajhar, Guardian of Takish, pixies, faeries, Greenwhispers and Wintersongs of East Commonlands, and the Millers in Qeynos Hills.
  • Telin: Added/Updated dialogue for Dorn B'Dynn, Marda, Chief Goonda, Forager Grikk, a prisoner, Emissary Glibb, Tovax Vmar, Guard Cheslin, Guard Hezlan, Tukk, Guard Buce, Varsoon, Guard Shorm, Guard Imkar, Shenro Kazpur, Guard Weleth, Hadden, Jeet, Lynuga, a strange skeleton, a drunkard, Guard Dunix, Guard Colin, Gindlin Toxfodder, Lieutenant Leafstalker, and Breezeboot Swordrattler.
  • Telin: Basher Dreg has been replaced by Basher Oggrik outside of Grobb.
  • Telin: Basher Sklama now patrols his post.
  • Telin: The newbie Bashers near the entrance to Grobb and guild trainers in Grobb have been buffed.
  • Telin: Kobolds in Innothule Swamp now bark.
  • Telin: Fandl Arathin and Zepin Winsle have joined the nobles in Innothule Swamp.
  • Telin: Urako and Hoart in Grobb are now female.
  • Telin: Several cosmetic fixes to Grobb, Oggok, Neriak, and Highkeep Inhabitants.
  • Telin: Increased max damage for the newbie guards in Greater Faydark.
  • Telin: Added bronze weapons to Ambassador Rylan in Neriak.
  • Telin: Divn L'Crit in Neriak is now a Shadowknight and has more hit points.
  • Telin: The sky now has a classic sun and moon. It also has new clouds and colors that are based on the Classic sky.
  • Telin: Reduced the density of the bard regeneration and Clarity line spell graphics.
  • Telin: Reduced the aoe rain spell graphic time to 3 seconds per wave.
  • Telin: Implemented Investigator's Badge and Blackburrow Stout quests.
  • Telin: Vegalys Keldrane, an investigator, Riley Shplots, Willie Garrote, and Guard Shilster now spawn.
  • Telin: Adjusted faction for Rallos Zek.
  • Telin: Increased max damage for Froon, Choon, an ice giant, a sand giant, a spectre, Sandgiant Husam, a hill giant, a cyclops, Broog Bloodbeard, Tarskuk, Guard Fernaldo, and Guard Carnita.
  • Telin: Varsoon will now attack anyone who hails him.
  • Telin: Varsoon the Undying is now aggressive and does not give faction hits.
  • Telin: Added ebon drakes to Mountains of Rathe.
  • Telin: Guard Carnita and Guard Fernaldo will now attack most of the mobs in Mountains of Rathe. Unfortunately, they are no match for cyclopes and hill giants.
  • Telin: Prince Bragnar is now a Shadow Knight.
  • Telin: Quests-Gindlin Toxfodder's poison quest now works properly.
  • Telin: The Bloodsabers have unleashed a plague in parts of the Karanas.
  • Telin: Removed a fungus man watcher from Innothule Swamp
  • Telin: Changed the name of "a fungus man tracker" to "fungus man tracker".
  • Telin: Reduced the number of spawns of shadow men in Innothule Swamp and added a Necromancer class.
  • Telin: Removed faction hits from brownie scouts in Lesser Faydark and increased their level range.
  • Telin: Added a higher level range of deepwater crocodiles in Oasis.
  • Telin: Removed Terkoz from Grobb.
  • Telin: Increased hit points and levels for Half Elf bandits in Greater Faydark.
  • Telin: Bandits in Greater Faydark will now only drop piercing weapons.
  • Telin: Most level 1 decaying skeletons will now be indifferent to players and aggressive to select NPCs.
  • Telin: Wolves in Greater Faydark will now glare threateningly to non Druid and Ranger classes.
  • Telin: Added Alania Peaceheart to a path and increased her spawn time.
  • Telin: Updated faction and loot for Faelin Bloodbriar, Alania Peaceheart, Salani Tunfar, and Kindl Lunsight.
  • Telin: Increased damage done by a skyfire drake.
  • Telin: Decreased hit points for the thaumaturgist in Befallen.
  • Telin: Added decaying skeletons, a goblin shaman, a goblin whelp, orc legionnaires, a Klaknak drone, orc pawns, Prince Klaknak, Princess Klaknak, Queen Klaknak, and giant spiders to Misty Thicket.
  • Telin: Increased level and damage done by Misty Thicket newbie guards.
  • Telin: Orc centurions, orc pawns and a greater number of Klaknak beetles can now be found roaming parts of Misty Thicket.
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