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Exclamation PvP Server Specific PnP Rules (Loot and Scoot)

Rules that are specific to Project 1999 Red: The PvP Play Nice Policy.

All of the rules stated in the Project 1999 Play Nice Policy still apply to Project 1999 Red PvP, with the following exceptions:

The PvP Servers are a special case for many of the policies listed here. When one makes the decision to play on a PvP Server, they are in essence agreeing to play on a server where compromise is decided on the basis of who has the power to kill whom.

By the same token, we expect that the people on those servers will apply PvP combat in all situations where it is called for, as a resolution to the problem. As such, the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff will decline to intervene in cases where a PvP alternative exists, such as at disputed spawns where the parties involved have the ability to attack each other.

Please note that this means that kill stealing is still against the rules on Project 1999 Red. If you wish to steal someones kill, it is recommended you kill the player first and then kill their mob.

Though the PvP environment does eliminate a few of the problems experienced on the normal blue server, there are a few more PvP-specific problems that are created.

Causing Experience Loss.

Intentionally causing experience-loss to other players in the PvP environment is illegal in all cases and may result in disciplinary action when witnessed by a P99CSR. This includes things such as intentionally training NPCs. We do understand that there are cases where the experience-loss is unintentional, and no disciplinary action will be taken in those cases.

Much like how the Kill Stealing rule applies to those on the blue servers, this rule is designed to discourage and make note of those who do it habitually, thus betraying the spirit of PvP. This is one of the dangers of playing on a PvP server.

Bind-point/Corpse Camping and Loot and Scoot (LnS)

Killing someone over and over again while at his or her bind-point or while they are in the process of looting and scooting is illegal and may result in disciplinary action taken against your account.

Conversely, the person recovering their corpse is expected to do so and retreat to safety promptly. In other words, sitting next to your corpse and taunting someone while daring them to attack you so that you can /petition them is bad form, and may result in disciplinary action taken against your account.

A player is 'Looting and Scooting' (LnSing) when he has died to an opponent and opts to call Loot and Scoot. You must make your intentions clear that you are loot and scooting by communicating with the other people in the zone(s) you move through, as well as with the person who killed you, or your LnS claim will not be valid, and you can be killed. You may call Loot and Scoot in any zone after respawning from death so long as you head straight for your corpse. If you need to move across multiple zones in order to Loot and Scoot, you must call LnS as you move through each zone. If a new player enters the zone, you must call Loot and Scoot so they are aware of your intentions. You may not attack or be attacked while Loot and Scooting. After retrieving your corpse, you are allowed a short amount of time to med enough mana to safely get out of the zone (ie, enough for a couple casts of invisibility, FD, or a port spell), memorize those spells, and then must leave the zone immediately for 1 hour. This timer will start after the last person has exited the zone. If multiple players died in PvP and all choose to LnS, they may help each other do so (IE, res each other, drag corpses, port, etc) unless they have already opted out of LnS by fighting after death. After you have left the zone, you are considered to have finished Loot and Scooting, and may again be attacked.

calling LnS from pure PvE deaths is not allowed.

If you are killed and opt to fight instead of calling Loot and Scoot, you forfeit any later opportunities to invoke LnS. If you log out you may return in 1 hour and call Loot and Scoot.

In large scale PvP (7 or more players on both sides), LnS must be called by a force as a whole. Individuals may not invoke Loot and Scoot. LnS may be called by the force at any time, this option may never be forfeited. If a fight took place across multiple zones, the force is considered to have finished LnS'ing once all of their players have left the zones affected. All other LnS rules still apply.

If LnS is called, it may not be denied by the opposing player, or force. (ie: if i zone up to hate and get ganked by 30 members of <tinfoil hat>, i can call LnS without having to call force LnS, as force requires 7 or more players on both sides)

In regular PvP, you can only ever have one zone lockout active per group of players at any time. If a fight occurred across multiple zones, the winning group picks which zone the lockout will apply to.

In large scale PvP there is no limit to the number of zones a force can be locked out of. If a fight took place across multiple zones the lockout will apply to all zones a PvP related death occurred in.

Excessive bind point camping (killing a player over and over at their bind point) is against the rules.

Excessive killing of a player or group after they have finished LnSing may be stopped by a Project 1999 CSR, if it becomes excessive.

The P99CSR in attendance will decide what is reasonable in these cases. It is highly recommended that the people involved make equitable arrangements prior to involving the Project 1999 Customer Service Staff.
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Yes this is a re-post. Copied it here for visibility. Nothing has changed since the last PnP update [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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