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Old 11-23-2013, 04:23 PM
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Default Disease-based slows

I thought I've read in various places that Shaman slows are "disease-based" and hence easier to stick on a mob because you can lower disease more than magic, but looking at the p99 wiki all of the shaman slows have "Resist: Magic (0)" on them. Is that just an error on the wiki or am I misunderstanding things?
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Not all Shaman spells are disease-based.
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This is classic, they are MR during the p99 time line. See here :
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Originally Posted by myriverse [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Not all Shaman spells are disease-based.
Oops I meant to say "all shaman slows" not spells.
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Originally Posted by Mardur [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Classic shm/enchanter slows are all magic resist check + disease counters and curable with an appropriate cure disease spell. This is similar to how the tashan line can be cured with cure poison spells. Dispel does not work (since dispel will not touch debuffs with poison/disease counters).

Shamans first get a disease resist check slow in Luclin but that's irrelevant for this server.
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Slows did not have any Disease counters as of February 8, 2001.

This is the way it was until the change made in 2002:

(Sontalak was tuned again after this to make him unslowable)

Seems harmless, right? Well, it turns out that slow spells had a disease counter attached to them. So what? Well, this means you can't dispell slow anymore; you can only remove it with the remedies listed above.
So why are some folks up in arms about this change? Well, take a mob like Sontalak for example. He casts an AoE dispell that also hits himself, which in the past meant that any kind of debuff or slow spell that you managed to land on him would be gone in short order. Since slows are now disease-based, it means dispell won't get rid of it--only cure disease will. So now Sont (formerly a pretty badass dragon, btw) is officially neutered. The Arch Lich in Ssra Temple is a gimp. Any mob with an AoE dispell that used to be essentially unslowable is now a weakling. Thus we have some formerly challenging content being trivialized, and some uberfolks don't care for that.
This change works in reverse, too. If a mob slows you, a disease cure can take care of it. When fighting a mob that casts an AoE slow, this brings to mind all kinds of tactics for keeping aggro where you want it...
Whether Verant will keep slow spells working this way is uncertain. As always, get some mileage out of it while you still can.
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