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Old 07-23-2020, 08:18 PM
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Default New Raid Petition Guidelines

The current Blue raid petitions system is flawed in a couple different ways:

1) Matters are not handled in a timely manner. This was mostly due to my busy schedule, but Galach and Medris have been helping me improve this situation.

2) Very often, one-way cases are submitted. Many complaints are unknown to the accused, and they do not get a chance to defend themselves or share their side of the story within a reasonable time frame from when the incident occurred.

With the new Green server, we have had an opportunity to test a few new policies within the raid scene. Our goal was to create a UN where most disputes are handled guild-to-guild and in a very public way. This has worked very well for all parties involved, even if heated at times.

Based on that success, we would like to take the raid petition process we learned from Green and apply them on Blue.

When an incident occurs:
- First, a guild/raid party representative(victim) is expected to contact the accused and try to work something out at the time of the incident. If an amicable agreement cannot be reached, then the victim will inform the accused they will be escalating the incident.
- The victim have one week from the date of the incident to create a Google Docs document in the format listed below to outline their concerns. This document will be shared with the accused and server staff.
- The accused will then have 3 days to review and submit a similar document outlining their side of the story.
- Once the defense is made, the staff will look at the details in both documents to make a ruling.

Note: If a defense is not submitted within the allotted time, the staff will still attempt to provide an objective review of the situation. However, without a counter argument, we will need to do so with only the evidence has been presented by the accuser.

Our goal in this process is to provide transparency to both parties involved with regards to the details shared, and also quickly help provide the staff the necessary information to look at both sides of the situation objectively prior to making a decision. The one week limit on the submission of a new case also ensures that the event is fresh in all parties' minds, while also providing both parties enough time to collect any evidence to help their case before it is lost or forgotten.

If, after seeing the evidence presented by the other party, both parties come to some kind of agreement during this process, the complaint can be withdrawn.

Document Format:



Summary of what happened

evidence provided.
Timestamps of all video & evidence

Offered concessions & communication between parties

claim made against a raid force:

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