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Relive the classic Everquest MMORPG Gaming Experience as it was in 1999 and onward. Project 1999 is a free to play Emulated Everquest Server giving Players the opportunity to experience Classic EQ Once again, currently in the Velious expansion and a max level of 60, with the look and feel of the old interface and several modifications making game mechanics similar to how the game used to be. Project 1999 is the best and most popular classic Everquest experience.
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Patch Notes: Monday, September 5th, 2016
Sep 05, 2016 - 5:43 AM - by Rogean
The latest patch contains new required files. Download and extract the Project 1999 Files (V43) to your EQ Titanium Directory.

Changes regarding AE Spells
Recently the staff had internal discussions related to the effectiveness of various AE methods being used by players, specifically that the number of mobs being killed at once far exceeded what was possible back in the day of classic Everquest. When determining what prevented this from being possible during Classic, we found that it was not necessarily mechanical, but more technological reasons that limited it. For example, having 100 mobs in one tiny area would not have happened back then for several reasons such as PC Processing power (CPU/Video constraints), networking bandwidth requriements (56k lol), and quite possibly server limitations at the time as well.

While we do not aim to kill AE groups by any means, we do have to put some limitations on the number of mobs being killed at once, providing significant XP gain with very little risk, as well as the zone disruptions that have come with it. Therefor, we have decided to put an upper limit of 25 targets on all detrimental AE spells. This means that once 25 targets have been hit with the spell (including resists), it will no longer attempt to hit any more targets.

This affects all player vs npc detrimental Target AE and PBAE spells including Nukes, Stuns, Songs, and etc. We will continue to evalulate this to determine if any further changes are needed.

  • Haynar: Mobs on a grid, who pause when hailed, will no longer skip a grid point when they resume pathing.
  • Haynar: Stationary mobs with quests, who face their target after hailing, will return to face their original heading after a delay.
  • Haynar: Feared or fleeing mobs in a zone with separate pathing node regions, will prefer nodes within their region when finding a location to flee.
  • Haynar: Fixed an issue with guardian wurm type mobs falling into the ground.
  • Nilbog: [May2001] Fixed the Spell Scroll for Imbue Amber so that Erudite Clerics of Cazic Thule can scribe it.
  • Nilbog: [Apr2001] Warrior epic combines now produce a new container, which allows for a sword of runes to replace lost epic swords. As the original eqlive patch notes state, the new scabbard and swords will appear on your cursor. Once you have combined them, make sure you have enough room in your inventory.
  • Nilbog: [Jun2001] Egress is now castable indoors.
  • Nilbog: [Jun2001] Wind of the North, Wind of the South, Markar's Relocation and Tishan's Relocation have had their additional restrictions removed, and can now be cast from any zone where other similar spells can be cast.
  • Nilbog: [Jun2001] There is now a vendor in Felwithe that sells the Enchant Ores series of enchanter spells.
  • Nilbog: [Jun2001] Changed the forged Antonian Javelins to be stackable.
  • Nilbog: [Jun2001] Rangers will now be able to wear Girdle of Reflection.
  • Nilbog: [Jun2001] a lizard ritualist spawns in cazicthule.
  • Nilbog: Corrected Kinool Goldsinger's dialogue.
  • Nilbog: Cyanelle discusses Eldreth if prompted.
  • Nilbog: Lake Rathe: gnolls and undead at the ruins have more varied levels and spawn chances. gnolls are white texture during the day. gnoll noble now exists.
  • Nilbog: Human wizards of Bertoxxulous now spawn with a guild note.
  • Nilbog: Dovon Traical no longer spawns
  • Nilbog: Vilefang's respawn timer has been increased.
  • Nilbog: Quest issues with Ulan Meadowgreen have been corrected.
  • Nilbog: Taia Lyfol has additional dialogue.
  • Nilbog: necromancer class vampire bats are more common in Erud's Crossing.
  • Nilbog: Circlet of Silver Skies now has a chance to drop.
  • Nilbog: pained unicorn checks player level before discussing quests.
  • Nilbog: Iron Sulphide, Lead Peroxide, Quicksilver and White Lead are now no fail combines that do not provide skill ups.
  • Nilbog: Erudite cultural armor: Added missing recipes and corrected issues with existing recipes producing wrong pieces.
  • Nilbog: Blood Sacs and Leech Husks are more common in swampofnohope.
  • Nilbog: Frundle Frenkler gives Velium Purifier by asking about velium vapors instead of the vial.
  • Nilbog: 'Drolvarg Teeth' quest rewards more experience.
  • Nilbog: 'Brell Serilis Disciple' quest implemented.
  • Nilbog: Himart Kichith accepts Cripple as a turn in for 'Shaman Spells (Evil-Iksar)'.
  • Nilbog: permarooted npcs no longer flee.
  • Nilbog: Spell: Tumultuous Strength drops from more npcs.
  • Nilbog: Cleaned up the cyclops area of Rathe Mountains.
  • Nilbog: The following tradeskill recipes now work: Imbued Platinum Diamond Ring, Imbued Electrum Plains Earring, Imbued Platinum Plains Ring, Imbued Silver Plains Ring, Imbued Black Sapphire Silver Necklace, Imbued Black Sapphire Electrum Earring, Imbued Gold Black Sapphire Earring, Imbued Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace
  • Nilbog: Massive Heartwood Thorn's stats have been reverted to classic.
  • Nilbog: Fine splinted cloak trivial increased to 242.
  • Nilbog: Merchant Niwiny now spawns.
  • Nilbog: Faerie loot in lfaydark/gfaydark cleaned up.
  • Nilbog: Gorul Longshanks now itemized.
  • Nilbog: Door to Half Elf Maiden in Cabilis is now locked. Added loottable for Half Elf Maiden.
  • Nilbog: Cinnamon Sticks cannot currently be foraged. They will be available again when Stonebrunt is released.
  • Telin: Increased drop rate for armor and other items in Runnyeye.
  • Telin: Factions in Gorge of King Xorbb and High Keep goblins have been revamped.
  • Telin: Changed the name of "a huge water elemental" in Lower Guk to the classic "an huge water elemental" and increased its level range and difficulty.
  • Telin: Updated faction hits and aggro/death messages for Gash Flockwalker, Lylanthian, Ellisha, Jracol Brestiage.
  • Telin: Implemented Interrogator's Badge quest.
  • Telin: Adjust faction for killing Isabella Cellus, Prak, and Guard Stald.
  • Telin: Slightly reduced the respawn time of Pickclaw goblins in High Keep
  • Telin: Added a crazed goblin, a goblin, a pickclaw visionary, and a goblin thief to High Keep.
  • Telin: Added additional loot to Isabella Cellus.
  • Telin: Implemented The Sword of Nobility (Ghoulbane) quest. Added all associated quest mobs and loot.
  • Telin: Greatly increased faction hits for the Rogue Errands quest.
  • Telin: Shadow wolves in West Karana now roam.
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Labor Day Weekend
Sep 02, 2016 - 9:10 PM - by Rogean
25% Bonus XP has been activated until September 6th.

Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend ^^.
20 Replies | 2,801 Views
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