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Old 04-26-2012, 02:31 PM
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Default Sense and Disarm Traps - Velious Discussion

From the Velious supplement:

Sense and Disarm Traps

In addition to rogues, bards, who always had the ability to disarm traps, have gained the ability to sense them as well. Since we are aware that some may have not bothered training sense or disarm traps due to them formerly being unimplemented, bards and rogues will have the ability to gain skill without training once they have reached the appropriate level and have crossed a zone boundary.

These skills now have use within Velious. There are traps, and they range from annoying to deadly throughout Velious. They are invisible and can only be detected and disarmed by rogues and bard.

Use “Sense Traps” to see if there are any traps in the vicinity. If so, you can then use “Disarm traps” to try and disarm the trap. Once disarmed, the trap will remain inactive for a short period of time (about a minute) while your group passes through the area.

If there are multiple traps within range, your attempt to disarm will be
directed towards the closest one.
I never played a class which had these abilities.

Discuss, reminisce, etc. Any information which might be relevant to the recreation of these mechanics is helpful.
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The mechanics behind the sense/disarm were simple from a user's standpoint. As a rogue, I would mash my Sense Trap button. If a Trap was found, my traveling direction would snap to the direction where the trap existed. That was the tell of a trap being nearby. If my direction did not snap to a different heading, either there was no trap nearby or I suppose I wasn't skilled enough to sense it.

I would then attempt to disarm the trap. I received a confirmation of disarm on success, or a consolation message saying the trap wasn't disarmed. I don't, however, know how long the trap was disarmed for. I want to say it was long enough for a raid group to walk through without triggering it again.

I'm relatively sure that once a trap was disarmed, you could still sense it, and continue to disarm it.

I'm also relatively sure you could sense and disarm while under hide/sneak as a rogue.

I don't recall what level my skills were compared to the different trap locations.

more edit: are you looking for trap locations too?

The biggest/most annoying trap I remember is in Dragon Necropolis. The one that, when triggered, would spawn a bunch of mobs and they'd basically eat your face off. DN was full of them as I recall, especially in the Rat tunnels. Velks had the dispelling trap too, I think it was right before the ice kobolds?
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My sense and disarm is maxed out.

It's not useful, but the OCD in me wanted to cap it.

There are 2 small braziers at the dock on the TD isle where the boat going to OT stops.
The right firepot is a trap.

You can sense and disarm that trap all day long. It's not actually a trap. Think it's there just for skillups. (Like the book in PoTranq).
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Originally Posted by aerah [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I don't, however, know how long the trap was disarmed for. I want to say it was long enough for a raid group to walk through without triggering it again.
I can't remember either, but I do remember that one rogue could keep down more than one trap. I definitely remember doing two and being able to keep both down for an extended period, maybe three. So whatever the refresh time was on sense/disarm, the trap would stay down for at least 2 or 3 times longer that.
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speaking of evil boat to OT docks, its a trap in the fact you can click on it and it would spin one of the pillars, if anyone was on it they would fall in the water lol.

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man i remember that one trap right inside thurgadin it had a knockback like the winds line from wizard spells that would send your ass flying off the bridge to the tunnel entrance for thurgb.
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Originally Posted by Knuckle [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
man i remember that one trap right inside thurgadin it had a knockback like the winds line from wizard spells that would send your ass flying off the bridge to the tunnel entrance for thurgb.
hehe, right as i read your description it poped into my head. Good memory.
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Not strictly about traps in Velious, but I do distinctly remember being a smug rogue telling all the noobs to go click on the traps in sola/solb to level up their neglected skills. Clicking on these or other old world traps (not using the disarm traps skill button) would still allow people to quickly level up the disarm traps skill even in Velious. The Velious traps did require the skill button to be used which made them much slower to level up on. I'm pretty sure they required a base disarm skill as well, which most/all old world traps did not. Sense traps could likewise be leveled up on old world traps but required use of the skill button.

The alla page for DN has some trap locations/effects posted in the first few comments:

This page, my recollections, and the alla page all agree that while some traps were static, others were mobile:

Traps are one thing that makes this zone interesting, the only way to do CR here is with a rogue or a necro. Traps move and some places have multiple traps next to eachother. Traps can be dispell, damage (your eardrums explode), 10 level 50ish beetles (use either AE mez or AE stuns and point blank AE nukes - wizards or mages come in handy there). Stepping on bones can trigger a dragon construct, these see invis and are very nasty when CRing, good xp though and they drop scrolls which can be turned in at Kael for rewards. Make sure to fight these at their spawn point because if you pull them and they are low health they speed off with about 5 times sow speed to their bind point to regen. Anyways make sure your rogues and bards scan for traps continually, some things like the beetle and Dragon construct ambushes are undetectible (just dont step on the bones).
Druid's Grove page about DN suggests that disarms didn't last a full minute. I remember it being more like 40ish seconds rather than less than 30 though:
You brought a rogue, right? You better have. This zone is literally FILLED with traps. And these aren't "you take 15 damage, ow" traps. These are "ha ha, I just spawned 10 2000HP biting beetles on your ass" traps. They also spawn Dragon Constructs ... which are fairly nasty monstrosities. They are worth a ton of XP, though, and drop some nice items. All of the piles of bones scattered around the level are traps. There are also many traps that are undetectable except by the Sense Traps skill of rogues and bards. This is usually followed by the Disarm Traps skill, and a quick run through by the party. Disarm Traps does not last very long (less than 30 seconds).
150+ on sense/disarm sounds about right - my skills were capped and I don't remember what you needed exactly:
This dungeon is littered with traps of many various types. They include root traps, dispel traps, DD traps, swarming beetle traps, and dragon construct traps (where a Dragon Construct is spawned). Rogues with a skill of less than 150 in Sense and Disarm traps will be of little use deeper in the dungeon.
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This is only a very small amount of info from a pre-velious guide. But it does at least suggest that being hit by a trap will break hide/sneak, and implies that you can disarm it without breaking hide/sneak because he suggests you can avoid this problem by disarming it.
Click on a moving trap to disarm it, and it will stop moving for a brief period of time if you are successful in disarming it. This is actually helpful when navigating a dungeon with traps (e.g. Solusek A or Infected Paw) because traps, while unable to do damage to you, WILL break your Sneak-Hide. Once you have disarmed the trap, you can move by it.
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Not all traps broke sneak. Only traps with spells that targetted you, like root or dd etc. Talking about DN for example if you were hide/sneak you could run around and pop all of the beetles and it would not break your hide/sneak so you were fine. The problem came if you triggered the undead. The trap triggering does not break the invis its the result of tripping it that can potentially reveal you.
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