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Old 09-21-2015, 04:53 AM
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Default Patch Notes: Monday, September 21st, 2015

January 2001 - Era has been enabled:
  • Class XP Penalties have been removed.
  • Group XP is no longer averaged to compensate for XP Modifiers (Class Bonuses, Racial Bonuses/Penalties).
  • Root and Movement Speed type effects will now stack.
  • Blue Diamond jewelry is now craftable. Previous pieces of Blue Diamond jewelry which were statless abbreviations should now function properly.
  • Guardian Trekolz now spawns in Skyshrine.

  • Rogean: All mobs >= level 60 now have a small chance to triple attack on mainhand.
  • Rogean: Flurry will now include offhand swings as well. Previously it was only another round of mainhand.
  • Rogean: Flurry now resets special attack timer (Kick/Bash).
  • Haynar: Pathing improvements
  • Haynar: Fixed some mob ghosting issues.
  • Haynar: Mobs should not longer spin around when they start fleeing while rooted. They should stop rotating now when they reach their desired heading.
  • Haynar: If a mob is rooted while fleeing/feared, it will maintain its current heading.
  • Haynar: If you get rooted by an NPC, when they move to combat range to hit you, they should now move close enough that you can hit them too.
  • Haynar: When NPCs become unstunned, they will now send their position update that they have started moving to clients, so they will no longer appear to warp ahead.
  • Haynar: Fixes for mobs falling below World.
  • Haynar: Partial resists on fear spells should now round their adjusted duration down instead of up.
  • Nilbog: Dain Frostreaver will accept Dirk of The Dain at Dubious or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Added additional checks to ensure Tunare and Vulak`Aerr properly call to all npcs which should assist them.
  • Nilbog: 'Mercenary Assignments' quest now rewards experience.
  • Nilbog: Improved several faction hits in Velious raid zones.
  • Nilbog: One type of Rune of Fulguration no longer drops.
  • Nilbog: Changed Orc Pawn Pick, One Hand Pick, Rusty Mining Pick weapon models.
  • Nilbog: King Tormax will accept Dain or Yelinak's Head at amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Lord Yelinak will accept Tormax's head at amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Dain Frostreaver will accept Tormax's head at kindly or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'The Family Chest Straps' quest no longer works.
  • Nilbog: Shaman Thurgadin armor from Terman Underbelly is now multiquestable.
  • Nilbog: Terman Underbelly now sells appropriate wares.
  • Nilbog: Reyia Beslin's 'Orange Sash' and 'Red Sash' quests are now multiquestable. (Kindly or better faction)
  • Nilbog: Velium Crystal Staff now procs at level 1.
  • Nilbog: a frost giant wolf tamer will give you a Giants Harness of Control in exchange for a Giants Gem of Persuasion
  • Nilbog: Increased hitpoints and max hit for the pet created by Nature Walker's Behest
  • Nilbog: Corrected a script issue for Foreman Felspar not rewarding chain gloves.
  • Nilbog: Rune Etched Icewurm Fang may be equipped in Range
  • Nilbog: Instant click items having effects which are spells normally requiring components no longer require components.
  • Nilbog: Class epics have a required level of 46+ to equip.
  • Nilbog: Footwarming Boots are now craftable.
  • Nilbog: Dark Deathsinger and Drizda Tunesinger: Corrected appearance, respawn time.
  • Nilbog: DaBashers are now kos versus LeagueofAntonicanBards.
  • Nilbog: The recipe for Arctic Wyvern Tunic no longer yields Tunic patterns.
  • Rogean: Lord Vyemm's attack speed, mindmg, maxdmg set to verified values. accuracy slightly decreased. HP lowered, but still remains higher than classic for balance reasons.
  • Rogean: Avatar of War's attack speed, level, mindmg/DI set to more accurate values.
  • Rogean: Reduced the flurry chance on several drakes in ntov.
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Old 09-21-2015, 04:55 AM
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Thank you Rogean And Nilbog...

: Nilbog: Velium Crystal Staff now procs at level 1.

One very happy player.
I hate cheaters, in and out of game.
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Thank you Nilbog
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Thank you Nilbog, Haynar, Rogean and other staff of Project 1999! Keep up the great work, it is deeply appreciated!
Amazing stuff!
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Goog patch
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No new ranger/paladin spells?
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rip hybrid exp penalty
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Thank you for continuing to work on this Project. I've been here a short time, but I'm having lots of fun!
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shouldnt iksars wear plate now?
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