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Project 1999 started development in 2008, and was released in October of 2009. The mission of the project is to create the classic feeling that many had during the early days of Everquest during those time periods, starting with Classic content and releasing the other expansions and content on a similar timeline that was experienced on Live. The server will stop at Velious, at which point many options will be considered, including possible custom content that will maintain the spirit of the game, and/or an additional new server starting over at Pre-Kunark.

Project 1999 Red is a PvP Server run with the same framework as the main server, with some modifications for a better Classic PvP Experience. The PvP Server started in Classic and will follow a similar but slightly escalated timeline.

Server Staff
NilbogProject Founder & Manager; Content Developer; Goblin
RogeanProject Manager; Server Administrator; Programmer
AlunovaContent Developer
TelinContent Developer
RopethunderContent Developer
Game Support
MendenCSR Lead GM
LlandrisCSR GM
MedrisCSR GM
GalachCSR GM
KhardanCSR Senior Guide
BlistigCSR Senior Guide
AmbrogioCSR Senior Guide
ViscerynCSR Senior Guide
StigionCSR Senior Guide
AndakosCSR Guide
KelvanisCSR Guide
SavazuulCSR Guide (Blue)
MeitnerCSR Guide (Blue)
MorgromCSR Guide (Green)
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