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Project 1999 is a free server brought to you by volunteers who spend their free time improving it. Although the server is provided for free to players, it is not without costs. The infrastructure to run a full Everquest server is significant, requiring high end hardware running in world class data centers utilizing direct internet backbones for bandwidth. Additionally, the servers and it's facility must be able to withstand many of today's malicious cyber attacks that aim to deny service.

If you enjoy playing on this server then we ask that you make a contribution to keep it alive and running. All donations go towards the costs associated with running and maintaining the server, including hardware and hosting fees.

Please be aware that, while the staff of Project 1999 appreciate all players who help keep this server running, we do not receive any money from the donation pool. As such, we are still volunteers working hard to provide this server with no monetary benefit to ourselves, and will not feel any more obligated to owe a player who has donated anything over a player who hasn't.

At this time, there are no rewards or incentives for donating other than keeping the server alive and running. We do not want to give the illusion of charging for ingame items or services, as this would then become a legal issue.


Hardware Donations
If you have access to, or the ability to, donate relatively new (within 3-5 years) server or storage hardware, please send a DM to Rogean on Discord. This would only be for newer, enterprise, namebrand equipment such as HPE, Cisco, etc. We would not be interested in older, custom built, or homelab equipment. We have a limited amount of space in our colocation and strive to meet an acceptable level of quality assurance.
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