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Class System
The class system has been suspended as of the release of Velious. This will be evaluated in the future and re-implemented if necessary. The play nice policy still applies.

Raid Policy
Play Nice Policy
  • Intentional training will be severely disciplined.
  • Guilds are encouraged to work out disputes among themselves before involving the staff.
  • All raid mobs provide an "FTE Shout" that show what guild has engaged. Kill stealing will be severely disciplined.
  • Guilds may not have any more than two representatives present at a raid spawn location.
  • To encourage competitive racing, guilds may not camp players out in the vicinity of raid targets.
  • Invulnerability spells used on engagement may only be for mechanic strategies, and may not be used to stall engagement.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 10:45 AM.

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