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  1. Othmir Prexus Totem: Quest Giver Ate Turn In
  2. Iksars should not be able to use Champion's armor for a bit
  3. Cannot single pull Warden Bruke
  4. Leuz Task's - Kromrif Captain
  5. Lodizal shell shield
  6. Kromzek Mercenary Brooches
  7. Plane of Mischief - Funny Money Combine? (Empty Pot of Gold)
  8. Coldain Ring Bugs
  9. Coldain Ring War #10
  10. Coldain Ring War #10
  11. Quest bug: Mask of the Tundra Walker
  12. Leuz's Task
  13. Black Pantherskin Armor - Wrong Weight
  14. Frost/Storm Giant Toes Sentry Kcor
  15. Giants Spawned from Scout Tools Need Some Space
  16. Declaration of war (2nd time)
  18. Bondl Felligan Pathing Issue
  19. Pained Soul - respawn timer
  20. Ring 9 - Seneschal Aldikar wont give box - Red
  21. Brother Balatin Got Hungry?
  22. Withered Treant turn in North Karana
  23. Coldain Ring 8 - Garadain not spawning upon marching orders turn in
  24. Plane of Mischief - Gift Box Quest
  25. Shaman Epic Quest Bug.... Wandering Spirit.
  26. Rogue Epic and Pick Pocketing Tani N`Mar
  27. Brother Z
  28. Current Faction Values Incorrect for Giant Warrior Helmet Turn-ins In Skyshrine
  29. Druid Epic Quest Bug - Need Help Please!
  30. Difficulty with Spirit Sentinel Turn in (Shaman Epic)
  31. Epic turn in fails (rog)
  32. Shiny Robe of the Underfoot Quest
  33. Tundra Jack lost his pet
  34. Bow of the Huntsman: Can't hug wall to get past See Invis NPC
  35. Chance on helping MQ fail?
  36. Kobold Shaman Artifacts?
  37. Brother Qwinn not spawning
  38. Faelin Bloodbriar
  39. Anson Mcbale not spawning (Rogue Epic)
  40. kerra island fish dinner
  41. Storm Reapers Faction
  42. Coldain ring quest - 2 icefang up
  43. The Bridge - Weligon Steelherder
  44. Paw of Opolla
  45. Wizard Epic
  46. Crystal Spiders in Skyshrine
  47. Can't start any quests???
  48. Symbols of cazic Thule broken
  49. Default Erudite SK faction with Temple of Life
  50. Iksar Shaman Cudgel quest
  51. Wrong Quest Exp: Nestiff's Statue & Mail to Qeynos.
  52. Gnasher Furgutt MIA in Qeynos Hills
  53. screaming mace quest
  54. Rabbid Wolves can be done by any faction
  55. Enchanter Epic final turn in
  56. Lizard Meat Quest not providing coin reward, Bug?
  57. Monk Epic Quest
  58. Sentry Xyrin Quest
  59. tribunal initiate shaman only item
  60. More Help for Innoruuk(Deathfist Belt)
  61. HEHE Meat
  62. Emerald Warriors' Items
  63. Infected Rat Livers (Toxxulia)
  64. Ortallius - Eating rings
  65. The Emissary
  66. Iksar Shaman Skull/Cudgel #6 Quest
  67. Guard Valon not responding to hails or orc pawn picks
  68. Ogre Heads - Kaladim Blodforge armor quest
  69. Qeynos: Captain Tillin - Gnoll Fangs turnin
  70. Brother Balatin RotWF REDSERVER
  71. Shouldn't Tarton's Wheel be in the game on Green?
  72. Magician noob quest
  73. Guard Valon Orc Pawn picks quest broken again
  74. Undead Grimrot Spawn rate.
  75. Erudin Guard Faction Hits
  76. The troll Urako is a female on P99 green and should be a male or is it a sign
  77. Shadowbound Gloves (Lowerguk ground spawn)
  78. Targin the Rock
  79. Shadowbound boots
  80. Coldwater barracuda liver in CS
  81. Failed Ring War: Dwarves not responding to "For the Dain, attack!"
  82. Runnyeye Warbeads turn in for Rivervale (again)
  83. dread forge armor
  84. Ring War 10 Bug with Dwarves
  85. Tracker Azeal eating gave wrong message and ate quest item.
  86. 2h blunt + range item equiped
  87. Tolkar Parlone is a terrible Father.
  88. Plane of Sky : NPC Enderbite Rod of the Protecting Winds quest glitch.
  89. Green server Initiate Symbol of Innoruuk
  90. Bloodmaw bugged
  91. Green Server: Are Summoning of* Quests enabled?