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  1. Othmir Prexus Totem: Quest Giver Ate Turn In
  2. Iksars should not be able to use Champion's armor for a bit
  3. Cannot single pull Warden Bruke
  4. Velium Coldain Insignia Ring
  5. Leuz Task's - Kromrif Captain
  6. Lodizal shell shield
  7. Kromzek Mercenary Brooches
  8. Plane of Mischief - Funny Money Combine? (Empty Pot of Gold)
  9. Coldain Ring Bugs
  10. Beating Dead Horse - Glowing Wurm Bile
  11. Coldain Ring War #10
  12. Coldain Ring War #10
  13. Quest bug: Mask of the Tundra Walker
  14. Leuz's Task
  15. Black Pantherskin Armor - Wrong Weight
  16. Frost/Storm Giant Toes Sentry Kcor
  17. Giants Spawned from Scout Tools Need Some Space
  18. Declaration of war (2nd time)
  20. Bondl Felligan Pathing Issue
  21. Pained Soul - respawn timer
  22. Ring 9 - Seneschal Aldikar wont give box - Red
  23. Card combined armor/items from PoM No Drop??
  24. Brother Balatin Got Hungry?
  25. Qeynos Interrogator's Badge Quest (#2)
  26. Withered Treant turn in North Karana
  27. Coldain Ring 8 - Garadain not spawning upon marching orders turn in
  28. Plane of Mischief - Gift Box Quest
  29. Crafted Pauldron Bug ??
  30. Shaman Epic Quest Bug.... Wandering Spirit.
  31. Rogue Epic and Pick Pocketing Tani N`Mar
  32. Brother Z
  33. Final turn-in for Shackle of Steel
  34. Final Turn In Shackle of Steel (VELTAR ATE MY SHACKLES!)
  35. Final Turn-In Purple Headband
  36. Current Faction Values Incorrect for Giant Warrior Helmet Turn-ins In Skyshrine
  37. Quest "Bat Furs and Beetle Legs" gives no faction hits
  38. Withered Treant
  39. Druid Epic Quest Bug - Need Help Please!
  40. Difficulty with Spirit Sentinel Turn in (Shaman Epic)
  41. Bear-Hide Cape
  42. Message Intercept Quest
  43. Qeynos Badge Quest #2 - Way too many undead spawned
  44. Heretic Heads
  45. Koalindl Fish
  46. Initiate Symbol of Bertoxxulous Quest
  47. Can't see the NPC for Crushbone belts.
  48. McMerin's Feast Turn in Bug
  49. Ring 7 Escort mission is broken
  50. The Bones of Darak Lightforge
  51. Qeynos Badge of Honor: Curing rats
  52. Epic turn in fails (rog)
  53. The "Emerald Warriors' Items" gives a odd msg and im fearing i dont get the faction
  54. prayer 7 shawl
  55. Shiny Robe of the Underfoot Quest
  56. Tundra Jack lost his pet
  57. True Spirit Faction Issues
  58. Fabian's Strings - MQ
  59. Bow of the Huntsman: Can't hug wall to get past See Invis NPC