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  2. Game Mechanics: Armor Class Working Properly?
  3. Spells: Necro - Mend Bones
  4. Game Mechanics: Lifetap Aggro
  5. Miscellaneous: Blacksmithing
  6. Endurance Questions
  7. Game Mechanics: Couple of things
  8. NPC Spawn Issue: Aqua Goblins in Dagnor's Cauldron excessively aggressive
  9. Spells: Enc spell hate too much?
  10. Spells: Flash of Light
  11. Miscellaneous: Nektulos guards ouside Neriak
  12. Spells: Aggro on Necro mana-hp conversion buffs
  13. Game Mechanics: Half Elf Druid starts in Qeynos
  14. Game Mechanics: Endurance
  15. Game Mechanics: Kobolds in Toxx, Faction problem
  16. Game Mechanics: Mob Atk Values vs. Player AC
  17. Game Mechanics: NPC hit box
  18. Game Mechanics: Rogue Skill Hide/Sneak
  19. Miscellaneous: Named Evil Treant in SK
  20. Spells: Enthrall needs attention
  21. NPC Spawn Issue: SK spire gnolls
  22. Game Mechanics: Missing alchemy recipes
  23. NPC Spawn Issue: gnolls outside splitpaw
  24. Miscellaneous: Summary Of Magician Issues
  25. Spells: Call of Bones
  26. Game Mechanics: Mana after death
  27. Game Mechanics: Mob Pounding on you does not get autotargeted
  28. NPC Spawn Issue: Unrest etc
  29. NPC Spawn Issue: Festering Hags (unrest)
  30. NPC Spawn Issue: Feerrott - Roror and his pet
  31. Game Mechanics: Bugged Name
  32. Game Mechanics: Mob Chain Casting
  33. Merchants: Getting overcharged for buying in bulk
  34. Game Mechanics: pet agro issue
  35. Game Mechanics: Weight/trade bug
  36. Miscellaneous: Snake Meat
  37. Miscellaneous: Level req for painbringer
  38. Game Mechanics: Lower Guk agro and pathing
  39. Miscellaneous: Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water
  40. NPC Spawn Issue: OOT Revisited
  41. Spells: Benevolence causing massive agro
  42. Spells: Shadow Compact cancels illusions
  43. Spells: Pillage Enchantment
  44. Game Mechanics: I wanna know.. have you ever seen the rain?
  45. Spells: Illusions and Exp penalties
  46. Game Mechanics: Warrior Bugs
  47. Spells: Sphere of Light is wrong level for Wizzys (at least)
  48. Spells: Shauri's Sonorous Clouding ( Bard invis )
  49. Spells: Overwiting due to max buffs
  50. Miscellaneous: Various issues encountered by an ogre newbie
  51. Miscellaneous: Grimtooth
  52. Spells: Druid Port Radius
  53. NPC Spawn Issue: Rancorous Ghasts
  54. NPC Spawn Issue: Possible Kindle spawn issue (sol a)
  55. Spells: Cleric Symbol Line
  56. Game Mechanics: A Greedy Begger
  57. Spells: Others' manastone spam is filed under "My spells"
  58. Game Mechanics: Orb of Tishan Proc not Stacking with charm
  59. Game Mechanics: run speed much slower on my laptop
  60. Game Mechanics: Feign Death
  61. Miscellaneous: Food and Drink
  62. Miscellaneous: NPCs Turning Around Upon Quest Turn-In
  63. Game Mechanics: Bard Charm
  64. Game Mechanics: Weird Warping/Rubberbanding
  65. Spells: Bind Sight, Cast Sight, Shifting Sight
  66. Game Mechanics: Coin autosplit.
  67. Game Mechanics: Pet Run Speed or Melee Range.
  68. Game Mechanics: BUG: Items disappearing when looting corpses.
  69. Game Mechanics: Melee Double Attack
  70. Game Mechanics: Sol Ro focus effects exactly the same as Staff of Elemental: x
  71. Game Mechanics: Necro charm and Feign death
  72. Game Mechanics: Necro Feign Dead
  73. NPC Spawn Issue: Qeynos hills skeleton camp
  74. Miscellaneous: Crashing when creating new chat windows
  75. Miscellaneous: Dry Bone Skeletons special attack
  76. Game Mechanics: Pacify/Calm Spell Line and Resurrection Timers
  77. Spells: Wave of Enfeeblement (Mobs)
  78. Merchants: pumice stones
  79. Spells: Bard Instrument Effects Not Sticking on Switch
  80. Game Mechanics: Songs not interrupting on the user's end
  81. Miscellaneous: Summary of Bard issues
  82. Miscellaneous: Rain
  83. NPC Spawn Issue: mobs not pathing
  84. Game Mechanics: Zoned w/ DoT, LD while zoning, Dead, no Corpse
  85. Spells: Alliance issue
  86. Game Mechanics: Sneak
  87. Game Mechanics: DoTs and Club Purple
  88. Game Mechanics: OGRE illusion not working right
  89. Game Mechanics: Kelethin-falling bug
  90. Game Mechanics: Names that don't show up on /who
  91. Spells: Necro Feign Death
  92. Miscellaneous: Armor colors are way off!
  93. Game Mechanics: Treeform
  94. NPC Spawn Issue: Steamfont cogs static undead spawns
  95. Merchants: Sold Crafted Items Pricing
  96. Game Mechanics: Aggro Chaining Incorrectly When Sneaking
  97. Game Mechanics: Binding next to wall makes u stuck
  98. Spells: Assiduous Vision
  99. Merchants: a clockwork miner in Ak'anon missing
  100. Game Mechanics: Chain stun bugs
  101. NPC Spawn Issue: Steamfont Skeletons
  102. Spells: Screaming Terror Broken
  103. Miscellaneous: Loot drops
  104. Merchants: The way merchants stock.
  105. Game Mechanics: /deletepetition does not work
  106. Spells: ENC spell- Feedback
  107. Miscellaneous: Target box on some specific mobs
  108. Spells: Bards and Line of Sight
  109. Game Mechanics: Rogean's question re: Charm aggro
  110. Game Mechanics: Sense Heading / Skill Cap
  111. Spells: Treeform Insanity
  112. Spells: Panic the Dead
  113. Game Mechanics: Undead Agro
  114. Game Mechanics: Starting Weapon Skill and Taunt
  115. Game Mechanics: Disappearing Loot
  116. Game Mechanics: bard instrument animation not seen by others
  117. NPC Spawn Issue: Nektulos Bridge Guard - pathing issue
  118. Game Mechanics: Seafuries breaking Charm
  119. NPC Spawn Issue: a willowisp pathing issue in Erud's Crossing
  120. NPC Spawn Issue: Two Mobs Currently Busted
  121. Game Mechanics: Food size duration is not respected.
  122. Spells: true north spell
  123. Game Mechanics: Cant throw??
  124. NPC Spawn Issue: Large wisps and Sloath* Snakes KOS in unrest; popping out of walls.
  125. Game Mechanics: Skeleton rattling bone Sound
  126. Game Mechanics: Pet Death Sounds
  127. NPC Spawn Issue: Halfing Guard Missing Text Response.
  128. Spells: feign death and charm problem
  129. Miscellaneous: Kunark Lewts!
  130. Game Mechanics: food/drink research
  131. Miscellaneous: How do I research?
  132. Game Mechanics: Exp-bug
  133. Game Mechanics: Caster Mobs
  134. Game Mechanics: charm = see invis?
  135. Game Mechanics: Base casting skills vs. Specialized casting skills
  136. Spells: Sentinel
  137. Game Mechanics: Hit Boxes & Mob Positions
  138. Game Mechanics: Oggok pathing
  139. NPC Spawn Issue: undead frogs of guk
  140. Game Mechanics: Shauri's Sonorous Clouding Annoyance
  141. Game Mechanics: Insta-Clickies not Clickable while Singing
  142. Game Mechanics: Impossible to use a Thrown weapon while Singing
  143. Spells: Lyssa's Solidarity of Vision
  144. Game Mechanics: Fear Kiting (melee range?) issues
  145. Game Mechanics: Invisibility on giants
  146. Game Mechanics: charmed pets giving incorrect messages
  147. research: archive/translated pages.
  148. Game Mechanics: monsters hit with an illusion effect
  149. Quest Issue: Corrupt Qeynos Guard Bracer(s)
  150. Miscellaneous: Environment music
  151. Game Mechanics: Trading Loss
  152. Game Mechanics: Intimidate skill up
  153. Game Mechanics: run speed issue
  154. Quest Issue: Tonics for Groflah
  155. Game Mechanics: Bard Song bug
  156. Miscellaneous: Mistwalker
  157. Spells: Bard Charm messed up
  158. NPC Spawn Issue: Spectre Pathing
  159. Merchants: Research spells on Qeynos merchants
  160. Game Mechanics: Resizing Chat Box (to tiny) Crashes Game
  161. NPC Spawn Issue: A Drunkard (in kelethin)
  162. Miscellaneous: source development submissions
  163. Miscellaneous: Failure rate on trivial combinations
  164. Spells: Spell: Mesmerization
  165. NPC Spawn Issue: where in the world is Zigg Flin?
  166. Game Mechanics: NFP vault door
  167. Quest Issue: Temple of Solusek Ro Quest Mobs
  168. Spells: Effect on gnomish fireworks not working properly
  169. NPC Spawn Issue: Lesser Faydark - Wood Elf NPC Loot
  170. Game Mechanics: Lavastorm Near Najena entrance
  171. Game Mechanics: /pet kill
  172. Game Mechanics: Pet Levitating
  173. Miscellaneous: Tint of Ravenscale/Blackened Iron
  174. Spells: Bards: new bug (lull on mobs)
  175. Merchants: Ping Fuzzlecutter in West Freeport
  176. Game Mechanics: seafuries in oot
  177. Miscellaneous: Item positions
  178. Game Mechanics: Breathing underwater in everfrost
  179. Merchants: Vendor Prices of Research-only Spells
  180. Quest Issue: Not REALLY a bug, but...
  181. Game Mechanics: EQType 6000
  182. Miscellaneous: Log in and stuck
  183. Game Mechanics: Player Tracking
  184. Game Mechanics: Clicking forces game to minimize
  185. Game Mechanics: MM Pathing. major death trap!
  186. Game Mechanics: Dispell/Nullify agro.
  187. Game Mechanics: AC bug/Equipped armor not working??
  188. Game Mechanics: Cannibalize broke
  189. Spells: Bind Sight
  190. Game Mechanics: Hole in the Head
  191. /target self drops HPs?
  192. Game Mechanics: Runnyeye Agro Range
  193. Game Mechanics: inventory items disappeared
  194. Game Mechanics: Permafrost Keep Pathing Bug
  195. Game Mechanics: Collision detection
  196. Spells: Treeform
  197. Spells: The State of Bards
  198. Merchants: Medium quality ores
  199. Miscellaneous: Aggro messages?
  200. Game Mechanics: Evil Eyes and invis
  201. Miscellaneous: lavastorm volcano sounds
  202. NPC Spawn Issue: Lake Rathe - The Aviak Ladder and Webclaw Murkwave
  203. Game Mechanics: Fishing success messages.
  204. Game Mechanics: Charges lost to OOR?
  205. Game Mechanics: Throwing skill for fasters skillups
  206. Miscellaneous: item buff doesn't working
  207. Miscellaneous: mod rod & items poofing
  208. Game Mechanics: Shrink restrictions in HHK
  209. Game Mechanics: Missing component with Bards Mezz songs
  210. Spells: Retribution (Lv44 CLR)
  211. Game Mechanics: NPC's warping through wall / floor
  212. Game Mechanics: zoning issue
  213. Game Mechanics: NPCs losing debuffs when caster zones?
  214. Game Mechanics: Pet Guard command
  215. Game Mechanics: /who all LFG unreliable
  216. Miscellaneous: Rin Distlemoor in EFP
  217. Devs: I will help you!
  218. Miscellaneous: disappearing items
  219. NPC Spawn Issue: Corpse too far away.
  220. Game Mechanics: Undeads of Kithicor
  221. Game Mechanics: Low health aggro
  222. Miscellaneous: Filleted Bear, Lion, etc.
  223. Game Mechanics: /yell is broken
  224. Miscellaneous: [Texture Issue] Dark Elf Male Flowing Black Robe Collar
  225. Miscellaneous: Exp range for mobs.
  226. Spells: Color Flux
  227. Spells: Levitation buffs being stripped
  228. Miscellaneous: Treeform bug
  229. Merchants: Cost of Alchemy components in Halas
  230. Spells: Reoccurring Amnesia Ticks
  231. Miscellaneous: rez bug
  232. Game Mechanics: 20th June patch, Pathing issues
  233. Game Mechanics: Aggro bug in Crushbone at the ''Wall'' spot
  234. Game Mechanics: Instant Cast Items and the Spell Gem Refresh Timer
  235. Game Mechanics: Backstab before level 10.
  236. NPC Spawn Issue: Ancient Cyclops
  237. NPC Spawn Issue: Underworld Mob, Dupe, and Graphical Geometry Errors
  238. Game Mechanics: Necro FD. Duration and Pet agro
  239. Game Mechanics: Resist Cap for players
  240. Spells: Illusion bug (changes me from male to female)
  241. Game Mechanics: Oasis Spectre Fear Bug
  242. Game Mechanics: Permafrost, Solusek eye, Runny eye and classic Goblin AI
  243. Game Mechanics: Slaves in CB
  244. Merchants: Alchemy Component Costs
  245. Miscellaneous: Mistwalker pets
  246. NPC Spawn Issue: Funky Spawns in the Qeynos Sewers
  247. Game Mechanics: Charmed pets eating items
  248. Spells: Fear (again)
  249. Game Mechanics: Z axis
  250. Miscellaneous: Tradeskill : Spiderling silk combine failure