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  1. NPC Spawn Issue: Oasis
  2. Faction Problems with NK guards
  3. Mob: Najena
  4. Spells: Ultravision
  5. NPC Spawn Issue: Befallen
  6. Wolf Form
  7. Game Mechanics: Monk skill - Mend
  8. Game Mechanics: Rogue Skill - Sneak
  9. Game Mechanics: Begging and Attack
  10. Spells: Necro - Mend Bones
  11. Game Mechanics: Feerrott Guards...
  12. NPC Spawn Issue: East Commons - a young kodiak
  13. Quest Issue: CB BElts
  14. Quest Issue: Trueshot longbow quest
  15. Game Mechanics: Lazy Guards
  16. Miscellaneous: Giant Moccasin (Innothule)
  17. NPC Spawn Issue: Trissa Whistlesong
  18. Spells: Leering Corpse eating 2 bones per cast
  19. Quest Issue: Qeynos quests
  20. NPC Spawn Issue: Dark Elf Guard Faction
  21. NPC Spawn Issue: East Commons - griffons
  22. Miscellaneous: /pet who leader
  23. Spells: Enchant Adamantite
  24. Game Mechanics: Pet Aggro and Mobs fleeing
  25. Miscellaneous: Troll faction in paineel
  26. NPC Spawn Issue: Puntar Sandfisher unitemized
  27. Game Mechanics: Swim skill
  28. Miscellaneous: Steamfont MTN guards
  29. NPC Spawn Issue: Crazed Goblins/Ghouls
  30. Merchants: Qeynos baking merchants
  31. NPC Spawn Issue: Lower Guk Pathing Needs Fixing
  32. Quest Issue: Captain Bosec
  33. NPC Spawn Issue: Fippy Darkpaw no longer committing suicide
  34. Spells: Treeform
  35. Spells: Alliance
  36. Quest Issue: Trueshot Longbow
  37. Miscellaneous: Peltin Funter in Innothule.
  38. Game Mechanics: Taunt Skill
  39. Miscellaneous: dagnor's cauldron fabulous four
  40. Game Mechanics: More Qeynos bugs
  41. NPC Spawn Issue: Skelly's in MT
  42. Game Mechanics: Avatar of Fear Double HT
  43. Spells: Range on spells.
  44. Spells: Missing spell and more.
  45. Miscellaneous: Lay Hands for Paladin
  46. Spells: Shaman Spell - Tainted Breath, incorrect mana cost
  47. Quest Issue: Froglok Eye Necklace
  48. Quest Issue: Mare X`Lottl, Neriak 3rd Gate
  49. Miscellaneous: Faction: Steel Warriors guild in South Qeynos
  50. Game Mechanics: WFP - EFP Zoneline
  51. Quest Issue: Cuburt
  52. Game Mechanics: No damage = Kill Steal?
  53. Quest Issue: Lightstones
  54. Quest Issue: Goobles Ongoing thread of bugs
  55. Game Mechanics: Tiger Claw (Monk)
  56. Quest Issue: Dyllin Starsine
  57. Miscellaneous: Thunderhoof Quiver missing weight reduction
  58. NPC Spawn Issue: Placeholders for Fippy Darkpaw (N. Qeynos)
  59. Merchants: Zartox Ru`Soe
  60. Quest Issue: Bandit Sisters
  61. Spells: Non-classic spell effects
  62. Merchants: Lanhern Firepride
  63. Merchants: Aviak Merchant assists the other aviaks
  64. Quest Issue: Black Heart
  65. Game Mechanics: Necromancer Pet Magical Attacks
  66. Merchants: Spell: Harvest
  67. Quest Issue: Yegek's test part one. Bag won't combine
  68. Game Mechanics: Died looting my corpse, now it says someone else is looting it.
  69. Game Mechanics: N Qeynos guards won't attack gnolls
  70. Miscellaneous: "weak poison" cured, but still taking damage
  71. Game Mechanics: Freeport Gate Guards do not assist/kill
  72. Miscellaneous: East Commons guards on wrong faction
  73. NPC Spawn Issue: Lower Guk 40+ mob damage
  74. Miscellaneous: Sol A gnomes
  75. Miscellaneous: When you ding or die.
  76. Spells: PVP/Duel Spell Damage
  77. Game Mechanics: Zoning while in group
  78. Miscellaneous: Werewolf Talon
  79. Game Mechanics: Necro spell: Mend Bones
  80. Quest Issue: Gnoll Slayer
  81. Miscellaneous: Zoning from North Karana to West Karana
  82. Game Mechanics: Feign Death and Merchants
  83. Spells: magician phantom line of spells.
  84. Spells: Necro Spell Renew Bones
  85. Miscellaneous: Erudite SK Erudin Guard Faction
  86. Game Mechanics: I See Anon People
  87. Fixed Quest Watchman Boots
  88. Miscellaneous: No Spell Graphics/Names
  89. Miscellaneous: Ice of velious
  90. NPC Spawn Issue: Pumas in Oasis
  91. Merchants: Treven Ru`Soe, Inside Adamant Armor
  92. Game Mechanics: MELEE PROBLEMS (Mob hit rate, # max hits, etc etc)
  93. Miscellaneous: Martar Icebear in Everfrost
  94. Game Mechanics: Guards not helping out newbies.
  95. Quest Issue: EFP Captain not accepting deathfist belts
  96. Miscellaneous: Iron ration consumed at same rate as ration
  97. Quest Issue: Going Postal: North Freeport
  98. Quest Issue: Doran Vargnus/Knight Card
  99. Merchants: Purchasing bug
  100. Miscellaneous: Sergeant Slate and EC Guards still on wrong faction
  101. Miscellaneous: UI Issue
  102. Quest Issue: Testimony of Truth
  103. NPC Spawn Issue: Vegalys Keldrane
  104. Quest Issue: Neriak snake quest.
  105. Game Mechanics: Mob Atk Values vs. Player AC
  106. Quest Issue: Orc Runner (Felwithe) - broken
  107. Game Mechanics: Cleric Weapon Skill Caps
  108. Miscellaneous: Rogue clockwork poison
  109. NPC Spawn Issue: Brin Stolunger
  110. Spells: Resist Rates on Spells
  111. Spells: Ultravision
  112. Miscellaneous: High Elf Enchanter starting out in Qeynos + more
  113. Game Mechanics: Poofing items
  114. Game Mechanics: NPC hit box
  115. Game Mechanics: Ranger Bow Crits
  116. NPC Spawn Issue: Hollish Tnoops
  117. Miscellaneous: Zone from Neriak to Nektulos
  118. Spells: NPC charm - still dmg by other NPCs
  119. Game Mechanics: Mage pet bug
  120. Game Mechanics: Bind Wound
  121. Spells: Dizzying Wind Line of spells
  122. Miscellaneous: Getting Started Homepage Link
  123. Miscellaneous: Berries Spawning in Misty Thicket
  124. Miscellaneous: Zoning to Erud's Crossing from S_Qeynos is...
  125. Game Mechanics: West/East Freeport zoneline
  126. Quest Issue: Bug Collection
  127. NPC Spawn Issue: Blixkin Entopop and Ember
  128. NPC Spawn Issue: Bilbis Briar/Watchman Dexlin
  129. Quest Issue: Rogue Poison Bugs
  130. Game Mechanics: Qeynos Catacombs Zoning Bug
  131. Miscellaneous: South Karana centaurs
  132. NPC Spawn Issue: a lioness stuck in a wall
  133. Quest Issue: Skunk Hunting
  134. Quest Issue: Runnyeye Warbeads (Kaladim Rogue)
  135. Quest Issue: Rabid Grizzlies
  136. NPC Spawn Issue: Skeleton's behind the wall in MT
  137. NPC Spawn Issue: Oot
  138. Spells: Bard Songs
  139. Spells: Line of sight on enchanter calm
  140. Miscellaneous: 10 dose alchemy bags
  141. Quest Issue: Reserve Militia Tunic
  142. Spells: Guard lvl 39 not 49 paladin
  143. NPC Spawn Issue: Broon not spawning?
  144. NPC Spawn Issue: Grynnaf Einoom
  145. Quest Issue: Feskr's Supplies
  146. Spells: Spell: Vision
  147. Miscellaneous: Nerf Sol A exp
  148. Game Mechanics: Pet Issue
  149. Game Mechanics: Aviak faction
  150. Quest Issue: Eye of Stormhammer (Key 106 Turn in)
  151. Spells: Spell: Frenzy
  152. Game Mechanics: faction
  153. Game Mechanics: SoF
  154. Game Mechanics: trading error
  155. Game Mechanics: Monk Skill-Tiger Claw
  156. Spells: Cure Disease and Cure Poison
  157. Miscellaneous: Runnyeye
  158. Spells: Level 29 Necro Spell
  159. Quest Issue: Indaria - South Qeynos
  160. Game Mechanics: Kick, Bash, Slam
  161. NPC Spawn Issue: Innothule NPC Spawn Insanity
  162. NPC Spawn Issue: Gero Yopetu, Merchant of South Qeynos
  163. NPC Spawn Issue: Dual spawn Alluring Sirens in OOT
  164. Miscellaneous: lowercase first names
  165. Spells: Cleric Summoned Hammers Spell Descriptions
  166. NPC Spawn Issue: Shiel Glimmerspindle
  167. Miscellaneous: Tradeskill: Baking - Missing/Broken Recipe
  168. Miscellaneous: Essence of Fire
  169. Spells: Graphic effects
  170. Spells: Shaman Gem Icons
  171. Game Mechanics: Pets, Wisps, and Seahorses
  172. Miscellaneous: Zombies and rabies
  173. Miscellaneous: Rain water
  174. Quest Issue: Merona's Brother
  175. Miscellaneous: research practice runes
  176. NPC Spawn Issue: Lord Grimrot (both versions)
  177. NPC Spawn Issue: Cleric vendor(s) missing in Ak'anon
  178. Game Mechanics: Fletching bug?
  179. NPC Spawn Issue: Highpass Hold Bandits
  180. Spells: Intensify Death duration
  181. Merchants: alchemy vendors wrong
  182. Miscellaneous: Dark Elf Cultural Armor
  183. Spells: Broken Enc spells
  184. Aegis of Life
  185. Spells: Harvest
  186. Merchants: Merchant sold wrong item
  187. Quest Issue: Kelethin Bard Mail
  188. Miscellaneous: non-dual core issue
  189. NPC Spawn Issue: Lockjaw
  190. NPC Spawn Issue: Raster of Guk.
  191. Game Mechanics: Mistmoore pathing
  192. Quest Issue: Orc Scalps
  193. NPC Spawn Issue: Jogl Doobraugh
  194. Spells: Enthrall needs attention
  195. Game Mechanics: Troll exp modifier?
  196. Miscellaneous: Qeynos catacombs zone in
  197. Game Mechanics: Jewelcrafting trivial is off
  198. Merchants: Metal Twine
  199. Spells: Whirl till you hurl!
  200. NPC Spawn Issue: Quillmane
  201. Miscellaneous: brownies in lesser fay
  202. Game Mechanics: Proc rate
  203. NPC Spawn Issue: SK--a hermit
  204. Game Mechanics: On pet death
  205. Game Mechanics: Cynthia
  206. Game Mechanics: Paineel Guards
  207. Merchants: Illusion Halfling found in Southern Felwithe
  208. Game Mechanics: Pets and Mez
  209. Miscellaneous: Shiny Brass Idol
  210. Spells: Runes & Spellcasting
  211. NPC Spawn Issue: Guk: Live Side
  212. Spells: lvl 29 mage spell "Inferno Shield"
  213. Game Mechanics: arena spawn
  214. Game Mechanics: Raid Window and Group Bug
  215. NPC Spawn Issue: Brollus Hoost
  216. Quest Issue: Series C Black Boxes quest
  217. Game Mechanics: Phinigel Autropos
  218. NPC Spawn Issue: Kerra Isle spawns
  219. Game Mechanics: Aviak Faction (KFC)
  220. Merchants: Julie in EK
  221. Game Mechanics: Shrink and pets
  222. Miscellaneous: Brewing Minotaur Hero's brew
  223. NPC Spawn Issue: East Karana - Gnoll Reavers Area
  224. Spells: Bard Song modifyer
  225. Miscellaneous: Rivervale Lake Area (Quest and NPC issues)
  226. Game Mechanics: Heal did not take hold
  227. Game Mechanics: Mob Pounding on you does not get autotargeted
  228. Game Mechanics: Group Bug
  229. Miscellaneous: Negative Bone Chips In South Karana
  230. Game Mechanics: Group popup not showing up.
  231. Game Mechanics: backpack on cursor disappeared
  232. Spells: Druid spells cant be learned at proper lvls
  233. NPC Spawn Issue: Grynnaf Einoom in Lfay
  234. Quest Issue: The Orc Impaler
  235. Game Mechanics: Error: Timer not up. Attack 0 Ranged 4727
  236. Game Mechanics: North Qeynos Newbie Mobs
  237. Game Mechanics: More Missing Cooking Recipes
  238. Game Mechanics: Sisters of Ocean of Tears
  239. Game Mechanics: Axe of the Slayers
  240. Merchants: Kaladim Brewers
  241. Spells: Grasping Embrace
  242. Quest Issue: Travis Two Tone
  243. NPC Spawn Issue: Quid Rilstone
  244. NPC Spawn Issue: Gargoyles/greater skeletons in OOT
  245. Spells: Wizard's DS not working
  246. Game Mechanics: Guk Faction Broken
  247. NPC Spawn Issue: Wasps in Misty Thicket?
  248. Quest Issue: Froglok Legs Delivery
  249. NPC Spawn Issue: Butcherblock Pathing
  250. Spells: Shrink